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Saint David was a Welsh bishop of Mynyw (now St Davids) during the 6th century. David was a native of Wales, and was born sometime between 462 and 512. He is said to have played a role in spreading Christianity on the continent, inspiring numerous place names in Brittany including Saint-Divy, Saint-Yvi and Landivy. Tradition tells us that during a battle against the Anglo-Saxons, David advised the Welsh warriors each to wear a leek in his hat or armour so that the warriors might distinguish themselves from their enemies. Ever since then, the Welsh wear leeks every March 1 in memory of David.

On Thursday 1st March -alongside our normal menu- we'll be serving up some special Welsh-inspired small dishes to celebrate our patron saint, St David. Book your table on 01244 569988.

・Estate-reared lamb croquettes, green sauce  
・Welsh rarebit muffins
・Cockle popcorn
・Wild garlic and poached egg crempogs
   Crempogs are Welsh pancakes, and one of the oldest recipes in Wales.
・Pork faggots, red onion sauce 

Β£5.50 each or 3 for Β£15.